No choice you make as a separated or divorcing parent can be as influential on your family's future as whether you choose divorce mediation or litigation.
I'm Jim Linder, a professional divorce mediator providing mediation services to help you decide what's best for you and most-importantly, your children.

How I can help

During a separation or divorce parents will have to make some of the most importnat decisions of their lives. I specialize in emotionally informed mediation between parents, ensuring the best possible outcome for your children. I provide mediation between parents to help them explore options, address concerns, find solutions, and make informed decisions about how they will continue to parent their children. When parents cooperate everyone wins, especially your children. Find out more ┬╗

The services I provide

  • Child custody and visitation issues
  • Post divorce and continued mediation
  • Parent education and family counseling
  • Child specialist for collaborative divorce
  • Developing developmentally beneficial parenting plans for babies, infants and toddlers
  • Long distance mediation

Reports that I have received from my clients universally indicate that Mr. Linder approaches each mediation with respect for both parties and an unbiased objectivity while always keeping the parties focused on resolution of the real issues pending between them.

In the time I have worked with Jim my clients have been extremely pleased with the results. He has been very successful in mediating disputes with my clients and not only I but many members of the Champaign County Bar rely on Jim in this capacity.

It is amazing how much happier our daughter has been since we told her that we had stopped fighting over her and were now working together as her parents.

Ensure the best possible outcome for your children. Please send an or call me at 217-377-3317.