There are many reasons for choosing my mediation services. Parents who have chosen to use a mediator to help them work together report numerous benefits.

Benefits of Mediation

Separating or divorcing? Emotions are raw. Communication breaks down. Yet this is the time parents will have to make some of the most important decisions of their lives. Mediation can help. A well-trained and totally neutral mediator sits with parents to help them explore options, address concerns, find solutions and make informed decisions about how they will continue to parent their children. When parents cooperate everyone wins, especially their children. 

It costs less

At a time when money is in short supply, a mediated agreement will cost thousands of dollars less than litigation and custody battles. 

You have control

Mediation allows you to control your future. No one knows your children as well as you do, and no one can plan for their needs as well as you. 

Easier on the children

Few things are harder
on children than parental conflict. When parents mediate they can honestly tell their children, “We are cooperating about you rather than fighting over you.” 

Easier on you

Parents report being more satisfied with agreements reached in mediation than with court ordered arrangements. Research shows parents are more likely to keep mediated agreements, and less likely to end up in court in the future. 

You can still go to court

Mediated agreements do not prevent parents from going to court in the future if it becomes necessary for the sake of their chil- dren’s well-being or protection. 

Emotions can be managed

The presence of a totally neutral third party helps everyone keep their emotions calmer. Parents are able to focus on finding solutions rather than reliving hurtful feelings. 

It is confidential

Court actions are public affairs. What is discussed in mediation stays in the room. The mediator can not testify in court. 

It builds on the positive

Mediation builds upon the love parents have for their children. It allows them to make agreements they can feel proud of, ones that are truly in the best interests of their children. 

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